‘Don Morrison is a Master Practitioner of Natural and Environmental Health..’

Don Morrison is a Master Practitioner of Natural and Environmental Health. He thinks outside the square. He is an intuitive problem solver and innovator who specialises in radiation detection through dowsing, and he is the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for Geomack. Over the years I have presented Don with a multitude of problems, and many challenges to do with radiation and health issues. As a Counsellor I refer clients to Don when their needs are far reaching, beyond the scope of counselling. Don is able to identify the causal issue every time, and so is an amazingly multi-talented, wellbeing practitioner. Don makes vibrational remedies, does balancing and healing sessions, and his eclectic range of treatment options ensures that the appropriate treatment is delivered to correct whatever imbalance is presenting. He is an inventor, meta physician, natural therapist, body worker, spiritual healer and a fantastic person.

I highly recommend Don Morrison to anyone who wants to go straight to the cause and efficiently and inexpensively re align themselves for health and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,
Counsellor in Private Practice, Qld. 2nd February 2017.

‘Don has helped to turn my life around…’
After a relationship breakdown, I was suffering from depression, emotional stress and chronic eczema.

Don used hair analysis and dowsing methods to check my food diary and pin point the foods which were not suitable in my diet. Don also visited our home, checked for radiation spots and fitted the Geomack. This has made a huge difference to our general health, sleeping patterns and attitudes towards each other within our home. I have also benefited from Don’s spiritual clearings and emotional balancing to regain my confidence. He has assisted me every step of the way to get back on my feet and change my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Don as a competent, thorough and very trusting practitioner. The quality of his products and services is genuine and should be embraced with an open heart and mind.

Thanks Don for your dedication to my healing – I couldn’t have done it alone.

- Michelle, Moonta, SA

Family protection
‘… Mum, I think that thing you put in the meter box is working, I think it’s changed my attitude.” (Not bad for a 5 year old!)…’

Seven days after installing the Geomack, I realised I had physically & mentally relaxed. (Prior to installing the Geomack, I felt over-whelmed, stressed, my whole body felt up tight & everything was getting on top of me.)

For the first time in months, I could switch my brain off, (all the chatter,) and relax with my family. I sat down and read a book in the lounge room with my three children. I had a child sitting either side of me, one in front of me, one of which was playing a game on the iphone, two were watching TV whilst chatting at various stages. This sort of busy room and general chatter while I’m trying to read a book would have previously stressed-me-out, there’s no way I would’ve been able to concentrate. However I was able to enjoy their company, focus on my book and speak to them calmly in-between.

On day 8, my eldest daughter put her school clothes on the first time I asked her to. You might think “big deal,” but this used to turn into a screaming match as it would get to 8:00am and she still wasn’t dressed after the 50th time I’d asked. She became more helpful. I’d ask her to please get something for me or open something for her little brother and instead of the usual reply “no, I don’t want to/no I don’t feel like it,” she just said “Ok mum!” I could’ve fainted! She even came into the kitchen all dressed ready for school while I was making lunches & said, “Mum, I think that thing you put in the meter box is working, I think it’s changed my attitude.” (Not bad for a 5 year old!)

After one week, our 2 year old son slept through from 7:00pm to 6:00am, (which had become a rarity until now) & on the weekend, he slept till 8:00am. More often than not it was 5:45am starts for us.

In general, I feel the relationships between myself and our children & myself & my husband have improved immensely. Prior to the Geomack I felt numb. I’ve always loved my family but I definitely FEEL more love for them & feel closer to them. I even find myself looking into their eyes & really appreciating them, (where as previously I had felt like I wasn’t really connecting to anyone.)

I am calmer, less stressed & can give myself some relaxing time without feeling guilty and without thinking about all the problems in the world. I wish I had a bank account big enough to buy all my friends and family a Geomack so they could feel the benefits too. I don’t care “what’s in it?” or “how much it costs to make?” I just know after two weeks, it’s worth every cent.

I’m so glad I met Don & his Geomacks at the Health & Harmony fair in Middleton, SA this year, (July 2012.)

Thanks Don,
Louise Twikler,
Goolwa, SA

‘…she can now sleep all the way through the night…’
Since we moved into this brand new house a couple of months ago we have had a Geomack E9001 Mk4 installed in the bedroom, over on the other side from where we sleep. My wife was still waking up many times in the night, though.

When you mentioned to us the technique of putting one E601 on top of the fusebox, I placed it on our fusebox straight away. We have left it on there ever since. My wife reports that she can now sleep all the way through the night (with only a pitstop to the toilet .

She loves you Don!

I guess it is to do with the mains wiring in the walls and especially to do with the air con unit on the wall near our bed. The biggest culprit was probably the air con compressor unit which lives just outside our bedroom.

I have been thinking about the effects on us from the mains in the walls for many years. If I was building a house myself, I would use shielded cable or shielded electrical trunking for the whole mains system (or maybe both). I think your trick has done wonders, though. The effect of the mains on the occupants is obviously much much reduced.

Well done you.

Best regards
R L B N,

‘…No more aching legs and muscles – just calm…’
“We live on the northern Sunshine Coast in Qld – in an area that is affected by a lot of geopathic stress. Don gave me a G-Oyster to try out when he was visiting us in August. I was so impressed with the level of personal comfort and protection it afforded me I immediately bought one for my wife, myself and another for our daughter and grandson. We all wear the G-Oyster, day and night – it is our constant companion and it has made such a difference to the quality of life we have. No more aching legs and muscles – just calm. We also have a large Raditech and a portable Raditech but it is the G-Oyster that has made all the difference. It is small, compact and light weight. It travels through the airport screening system on our travels with ease, in the car, at work wherever we are a G-Oyster is not far. Get one and you too will be amazed at the improvement in your quality of life. Thank you Don, once again – the miracle man.”

Pain after childbirth
I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis ) February 2009, aged 33. I went to Don on 22.4.10 after the birth of my 4th child. Don advised me to take some supplements to balance my vitamin and minerals and he suggested the E604 Geomack for Geopathic Stress. I bought the E604 Geomack and to my amazement I am now pain free. Also the children are all sleeping better.

I would highly recommend anyone to try a Geomack unit.

South Australia

‘…pleasantly surprised by the benefits of the Geomack…’
To whom it may concern

My name is liz. I am 44 years old, and I have suffered debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis, particularly in my ankles for the last ten years.

The first time I met with Don Morrison I was barely able to walk and was using a walking stick and struggling with every day activities, also sleep deprived and severely depressed.

Once we had discussed my issues thoroughly, Don suggested I hold on to a Geomack whilst we were having my consultation to see how it made me feel. Well, within a few minutes a warm feeling came over me and for the first time in a long time I could feel something other than pain in my ankles, it was a wonderful warm and tingly sensation. I was hooked. It was also suggested to me that it would help with my sleeping situation. I paid a deposit and took one home to try it out.

I still have that Geomack today 12 months on and as I travel a great deal, it is the first thing packed. I have had such great improvement with my ankles and now have a full nights sleep – every night!

The Geomack (and Don) have changed my life to the point that I have now opened up a business and am living like normal people do.

Give it a go and you too will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of the Geomack .


‘…lasting benefits of these amazing devices…’
It is with pleasure that I am asked to provide a testimonial on the benefits of the Geomack Tower and the G-Oyster – and, of course Don Morrison.

I first met Don approx 8 years ago when he resided on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. At the time my wife and I were suffering the ill effects of geopathic stress although at the time we were unaware of it. We just knew that we were tired, not sleeping at all well and at the end of the day we had aching legs and hips. I was also feeling a little off track.

A consultation with Don at his clinic lead to our awareness of geopathic stress and EMF and their effects. Don soon taught me to dowse for geopathic stress lines and the importance of avoiding areas of geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation. Now that is not as easy as it sounds with today’s modern lifestyle. A raditech was purchased and a number of other important strategies recommended by Don were implemented over time to relieve the effects of geopathic stress and EMF in our lives.

Suffice to say when Don recommended we try the new Geomack Tower on our meter box the benefits were immediate. With the older raditech there were still areas of the house where we still felt the debilitating effects of geopathic stress. Now, with the new tower the whole house is protected and our level of comfort improved dramatically, which is amazing considering it was good with the older raditech unit.

We also carry with us each day concealed in our clothing the G-Oyster which keeps each of us clear of the effects of geopathic stress and EMF while we are outside the confines of the home.

Thank you Don – not only have you become a great friend you really are a gifted healer. We thoroughly recommend the Geomack products that Don supplies and know that you to will feel the lasting benefits of these amazing devices.

Yours truly,
Tim Arkell B. Sc (Chem)

‘The concept of geopathic stress was new to me…’
I am incredibly grateful for the help I have received from Don over the past few years. When I first made contact with Don I had been suffering for nausea and had very low energy levels on a daily basis. I was open to any suggestions on what could be causing this and what could be done to help. Upon making contact with Don he did a hair analysis and dowsed a floor plan of my house. Don told me that I was affected by geopathic stress (natural underground radiation) primarily where my bed was; this was also inhibiting my absorption of vitamins and minerals. From the hair analysis Don was also able to provide me with dietary suggestions on what foods I should be avoiding as they are not suited to my body.

The concept of geopathic stress was new to me; however, it made perfect sense. Don suggested a Geomack was required (a Geomack when installed in the metre box clears the whole house of geopathic stress zones). Don guaranteed that a Geomack would solve my problems and I would start to notice an improvement within 10 days of installation. I knew his guarantee was genuine and went ahead with the purchase. It is safe to say that this purchase has been the best long term investment I have made for my health and I feel the benefits every day.

I cannot speak higher of Don and the work he does. He is honest, genuine and reliable, providing highly accurate information, working in the best interest of his clients.

Adelaide client, SA

‘…how amazingly gifted you are…’
Hi Don

just wanted to say to you how amazingly gifted you are and such a great benefit to society. Well done on what you have been able to achieve. 

Cheers and thanks for your friendship,