Natural Solutions

Don’s skill-set and abilities span many modalities. Below are some of the main areas Don will implement on any pathway to wellness. If you are not sure what your particular need is, then simply contact Don and ask him to intuit your need based on a distance assessment.

Hair Analysis
Emotional Balancing
Heavy Metal Testing
Neuroskeletal Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Personality Analysis
Spiritual Clearing

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Hair Analysis

‘…dowsing and intuitive work’
By dowsing and intuitive work Don is able to analyze a hair sample to identify:

  • deficiencies in the body
  • if parasites or worms are present
  • hormonal balance
  • food allergies
  • vitamin and mineral levels

Don can provide vibrational remedies to treat these problems among other options which will be discussed.

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Emotional Balancing

‘…removes spiritual and physiological blockages’
Over many years Don Morrison has developed a methodology and treatment which removes spiritual and physiological blockages from your body chakras.

Something holding you back?

  • Break into positive mode!
  • Reclaim your goals and vision!
  • Synchronise your body systems including development of organs
  • Remove those blockages that prevent you getting on with your life
  • Improve your relationships with your partner and immediate family
  • Rekindle ties with your extended family
  • Rebuild your support networks – friends, acquaintances, groups.

Troubled relationships? Are you having trouble with relationships with your partner and immediate family? Are you lonely? Are you having trouble making friends? Do you lack satisfying relationships? Is your business failing? Are you having staff problems, losing clients or customers? Are your suppliers letting you down? Is your long term business planning and vision blurred or non-existent?

Have a spiritual check up … an internal beauty treatment, and:

  • regain your love of self
  • develop spiritual contentment
  • rekindle your aspirations
  • expand your spiritual expression.

Reach out to others… give of self freely and unconditionally. Progress on your journey to wholeness or oneness.

The Treatment
The process takes a little over an hour. First of all Don locates the blockages through a combination of discussion and intuition. He determines what year or how old the person was when the blockage occurred. Once this is established, Don will work out which vibrational cards are needed to activate the clearing.

You will lay on the treatment table and are swathed in the appropriate colour cloth to bring you calmness. This cloth will also induce a sense of cosiness and contentment. You feel safe in this quiet room, cut off from your busy world. Light music plays and you will relax quietly while Don begins the treatment.

The relevant cards with drawings will be placed, face down, on your body. You will remain still and relaxed. Using vibrational crystals on all your fingers and toes, Don will pinpoint the location of the blockages and begin the clearing process. This will take some time.

People react in different ways at this point. Some gentle tears may fall. You may grin uncontrollably. Many people feel energy flows and surges through their body. Some people simply fall asleep, feeling safe and private.

The drawings will be flipped over and replaced on different strategic places on your body, resting gently while the process continues further. Working on your navel, shoulders and head, Don will then dislodge and remove the blockages.

At this point you may be overwhelmed by a sense of release and relief. Most people experience a lightheadedness and floating feeling.

To re-balance the body, Don will work with other colour cards for several minutes.

Finally, it is essential for Don to ground you to reintegrate you back into your busy world.

You will leave feeling that you have released burdens and baggage.

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Heavy Metal Testing

‘…detox solutions’
Don can test for Zinc, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Aluminium. This can be done either intuitively from a hair sample or by using a test kit. If using a test kit, Don requires a morning sample of urine, with no supplements being taken the night before. Don can supply detox solutions for heavy metals.

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Neuroskeletal Therapy

‘…non-invasive, safe, permanent’
NST assists patients experiencing pain or limited movement associated with skeletal misalignment, unsatisfactory muscle condition and bad posture.

The treatment is non-invasive, safe, permanent, non-manipulative and stimulates the lymphatic and nervous systems to clear the “memory” of trauma from the body’s cells.

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Chakra Balancing

‘…progress toward wellbeing’
Negative patterns and learned experiences can cause blockages in your progress toward wellbeing. By wearing a Chakra Balancing Sphere, the personal result for you is an enhanced feeling of wellbeing at the end of each day. The ideal position is either directly over the heart chakra, or between the throat and heart chakra. Wear the Chakra Balancing Sphere during waking hours and remove for sleeping.

A Chakra Balancing Sphere may be attached to a chain, leather strap, or worn with other items on the same necklace. Women could pin the sphere inside their bra and men could pin it inside their top shirt pocket.

Wash daily with cold water and dry to remove body oils. The Chakra Balancing Sphere requires no other cleansing.

Check the clasp, which joins in the centre of the crystal occasionally, and if loose pinch together firmly to tighten. At night, store your sphere away from direct heat and electrical fields. During the day, avoid wearing it in a hot shower.

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Personality Analysis

‘…determine a person’s weaknesses and strengths’
Don has created twelve different personality profiles and can determine yours from simply touching your arm or from a hair sample. Don can even profile someone you know whilst you think of them during the analysis.

Personality analysis is useful to determine a person’s weaknesses and strengths in relation to employment and for understanding partners, friends and children.

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Spiritual clearing

‘…clear a house of negative vibes’
Don is able to clear a house of negative vibes by using his clearing routine during a house visit. These vibes may be left behind by previous owners, in locations where a relationship breakdown has take place, or where a passing has occurred.

Alternatively, the client can clear their home independently with Don’s Light Energy Drops.

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