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People are more aware than ever of their health. Unfortunately, there are some natural effects which can be extremely harmful to the immune system and over which we have no control, such as Geopathic Stress (GS). Increasingly we are also surrounded by harmful man-made Electromagnetic fields causing Electromagnetic Stress (ES).

If you think of the earth as a giant electro-magnet, GS occurs when waves of radiation seep from the earth’s core and bisect other natural electromagnetic phenomena such as swift flowing underground streams, mineral concentrations or fault lines.

The negative earth rays become harmful as they riseup through buildings affecting the body’s natural biorhythm and causing sick building syndrome. The impact on health can be dramatic ranging from insomnia and irritability to serious psychological and physical illness.

GEOMACK products are a range of scientifically proven devices which neutralise GS and combat the detrimental effects of man-made Electro Stress (ES) to revitalise your surroundings. They are elegant, cost effective and simple to install and probably the best single lifetime investment you can make in your health and well-being.

A Solution for the 5G conundrum?

GEOMACK products

GEOMACK Products: Affordable Prices, Priceless Results

Where does GEOMACK Technology come from?

GEOMACK’s origins go back to the mid 1980s, founded by Ken Nielsen. Ken Nielsen, in his late teens, had contracted diabetes and was so weak he could not go to work. He was still living at home with the other brothers and our parents.

A local Swiss dowser and health practitioner Mr. Rudiger came to survey Ken’s family house. Earth rays (underground water streams) causing Geopathic Stress were located underneath Ken’s bed and were diagnosed to be causing the diabetes. This was quite a surprise to the whole family as we had never heard of any of this stuff.

To remedy the Geopathic Stress there was created a sophisticated wiring system around the house to dissipate the health disturbing rays around the outside of the house instead of through the house, which immediately gave relief to the occupants, especially for those who were unlucky enough to sleep in the energy-draining ‘black spots’ of Geopathic Stress. The wiring system was regularly maintained by the dowser to be at optimum efficiency at all times.

After three months the diabetes had completely disappeared by sleeping in a healthy environment, and at the same time taking alternative medicine to boost his pancreas. The doctors were totally shocked about the recovery as he had not been given any pharmaceuticals. The dowser was not shocked.

The journey for the GEOMACK founder, Ken Nielsen, had then begun. The eyes had been opened to the power of earth energies and how one could rectify them, thus improving the health and well-being of untold millions of people on Earth.

Further experimenting with crystals, earth acupuncture, and copper wires continued. All proved to reduce the Geopathic effect of the water streams, but to differing degrees and they all proved temporary if not maintained at very regular intervals and parts often replaced. Ken Nielsen then started to conceive of a product that could be created that would give a permanent cure to Geopathically Stressed houses. These would later become the first Geomacks – a product to install in the home or workplace that totally cancelled out the harmful earth radiation (Geopathic Stress). Over the years he has visited and tested over 1000 homes to further develop the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology that is inside every Geomack product.

It emerged through many thousands of cases from around the world proved that Geopathic Stress didn’t just cause diabetes, but also many other diseases, by seriously degrading the immune system and disturbing sleeping patterns – in the long-term then causing serious illness.

He researched the importance of a good energetic environment and how this could have massive effect on one’s vitality, sleeping patterns, immune system, healthy blood, detoxification of waste products, personal energy levels, ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, plus many other effects.

Over the years of manufacturing and further developing GEOMACK products, it became more and more apparent how Electromagnetic Pollution was affecting people’s well-being and health. Initially this was mainly from living near to electricity pylons and substations and later included telecommunication masts (GSM, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX etc.). These new environmental pollutants were such powerful factors in people’s health and the energetic environment that people living in these areas required a feature within GEOMACK products to combat their effects became necessary.

Continuous development has followed  over the years to give a larger margin of safety in protection against Geopathic Stress and to ever increase the protection against Electro Stress, as our urban environments are being further and further filled with harmful telecommunication networks. Today’s range of GEOMACKs are world leaders in doing just that.

How do I know if this is relevant to me?

The ‘tell-tale signs’ of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Stress, is associated with ‘sleeping long’ and ‘waking tired’, or not being able to sleep at all.

This can lead to ill health, a lack of tolerance for others and general feelings of depression. In this situation, arguments with loved ones ensue and life can become more and more difficult.

Babies and children in such houses may not sleep, so causing problems both for themselves and for their parents. They will often attempt to avoid sleeping in a GS area or ES area, if they can, and may be found in the morning scrunched up on one side or at one end of their bed. Unfortunately, as we become older we become less aware of the problem and generally do not instinctively move away from it.

Of course, the sceptic will say that a lot of people feel tired and irritable a lot of the time, but affected individuals will report that they sleep far better and are less tired once the Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress energies have been combated.

Just a couple of the many testimonials we get:

We would like to give some feedback as to how much success we have found with your products over the last five years. The findings are astounding and have a major contribution to make to the well-being and recovery of our clients.

Hans Hoogeveen ,
Certified, National Energetic Health Practitioner,
The Netherlands

I wouldn’t have believed the difference a small box could make to my life and that of my family. I wish you every success in bringing the benefits of your products to a wider audience.

David Swindley,
Renowned Hypnotherapist and psycho-dynamic counsellor,
Bournemouth, Dorset, Untied Kingdom

GEOMACK case studies

Answers to GS sceptics

Many feel the effect of GS is purely psychological and due to suggestion, but then you cannot influence the behaviour of animals, plants and babies.

Most animals will seek to sleep in a good place and will become ill if forced to live in a GS home, stable, etc.

Most types of trees will have stunted growth and not bear fruit in GS places.

Babies try to avoid GS in their sleep and move in to one corner of the cot to try and avoid it. Babies sleep peacefully after Geopathic Stress has been cancelled out by a Geomack.

Why is the energy in our sleeping position so important?

We spend around a third of our lives in bed. Few people spend as many hours in any other one place. Even jobs centred on one place, for instance at a desk or workbench, generally involve moving away from time to time. In bed, by contrast, we stay in precisely the same spot for six, seven or eight hours in one stretch. This is the only time when the body can completely switch off, recharge, heal and re-build itself.

What difference can these products make to me and my family?


Symptoms of GS and ES:

  • Disturbed sleeping patterns.
  • Sleeping longer and still waking tired.
  • Insomnia or always feeling tired or depressed.
  • Feeling like everything is an effort.
  • Hyperactivity or sudden aggression.
  • Problems with back, muscles, joints or bones.
  • Susceptibility to asthma, allergies and ME.
  • Infertility and miscarriages.
  • Susceptibility to headaches or dizziness.
  • Seriously weakened immune system and low response to treatment.


Benefits reported by existing GEOMACK users:

  • You are relaxed and recharged after a night’s sleep.
  • You can more easily concentrate and have greater focus.
  • Your immune system is considerably boosted.
  • You are more able to recuperate from long-term illness.
  • Your mental clarity is increased.
  • You will observe a pain-relieving effect.
  • Your ability to absorb nutrients is improved.
  • Your detoxification ability is improved.
  • Your family’s harmony is increased and hyperactivity alleviated.
  • You feel like a new person.

Safeguard your health from the man-made ‘Electromagnetic-Ocean’ that modern society is ‘swimming in’ – Let us help you to help yourself.

GEOMACK is passionate about your health and well-being.

GEOMACK products

Do GEOMACKS just work in houses?

Read what our customers are saying, not just in family homes, but also in many other environments:

  • Offices: less absenteeism and better relations between staff.
  • Hotels: customers are more comfortable, sleep better and have far fewer complaints.
  • Schools: children are calmer, easier to teach and there are fewer occurrences of bullying.
  • Sports centre: more relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Shops: increased sales as customers feel at ease and stay longer in-store.
  • Restaurants, Bars: more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere plus increased turnover.
  • Farms: lower death rate amongst animals, higher fertility rate and better quality and quantity of milk and meat.

Where is the scientific research?

Clear evidence of the efficiency of a ‘GEOMACK environment’ can be seen by just comparing the live blood analysis pictures from any GEOMACK customer before and after utilising the benefits of GEOMACK products. When a human body is exposed to a Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic Stress environment the red blood cells stick together in long chains and become very inefficient in their oxygen carrying capacity and are more likely to get blocked in the bloodstream.


The situation is reversed when Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Stress have been treated by the GEOMACK products present. The blood picture will show individual free flowing sparkling blood cells fully functional and independently carrying life enhancing energies and oxygen throughout the bloodstream.

Every health practitioner who uses live blood analysis and GEOMACK products finds exactly the same pattern with every patient who has Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic Stress and then installs a GEOMACK in their home. This is one typical example of the many we see on a regular basis.

GEOMACK products

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