GEOMACK Case Studies

The World Leader in Combating Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress.

Here is a small selection of the many people who we are proud to say have benefited enormously from our products:

Case Study 1

Application: Centre
Dr R A Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP,
Verwood, Dorset, United Kingdom

Since using this device my therapeutic success rate has increased considerably and I would recommend them to patients and therapists alike.

After many years’ considerable experience in practising both complementary and conventional medicine, having previously been a General Practitioner (Medical Doctor), Dr Jacobs is convinced that there is only one main obstacle to recovery from illness and that is Geopathic Stress. Over a third of his patients come in suffering from some degree of GS. He is a firm believer that GS can adversely affect the outcome of any therapy including conventional therapies and that one of the most effective ways to neutralise its effects is to install a permanent neutralising device. The Geomack machine is the most effective he has come across and he has now installed one in his own clinic as well as in the homes of so many of his patients.

Case Study 2

Application: Home/portable unit
Pauline Kennedy, Feng Shui consultant, London, United Kingdom

Geomack offers a practical, affordable, reliable and very effective solution which can and does change people’s lives. The Geomack family are truly unique.

Although an experienced dowser with a lot of knowledge and skills to hand, until Pauline came across Geomack, she had never been successful in finding a permanent way of clearing a building of its negative properties and returning it to a positive balance. Her job is to create settled, positive, happy homes and offices and, as a lot of her work involves travelling in and out of different energy fields, she also finds it important to be able to maintain a balanced state, particularly when dowsing. She is the proud owner of an E9004 in her own home plus several of Geomack’s portable units and says she really notices the difference if she forgets to take one with her.

Case Study 3

Application: Centre
Dr. Laurent Bannock,
Clinical Director, The Nutrafit Clinic

I would have no difficulty in recommending your systems to anybody – and would in fact strongly advise them to purchase one for their health’s sake.

Unexplainable headaches and migraines which were previously thought to be linked to the lighting, have miraculously disappeared since Dr Bannock had two Geomack systems installed in the Clinic’s building. Since installing the system staff report a distinctive difference in the ‘feel’ of the building’s atmosphere and Dr Bannock finds that his ability to concentrate at the computer screen for long periods of time, without feeling ill, is greatly improved.

Case Study 4

Application: Centre
Hans Hoogeveen,
Certified, National Energetic Health Practitioner, The Netherlands

We would like to give some feedback as to how much success we have found with your products over the last five years. The findings are astounding and have a major contribution to make to the well-being and recovery of our clients.

As specialists in Geopathic Stress, Elektrosmog (Electro Stress), detoxification of heavy metals and other related matters, Hans Hoogeveen’s busy practice has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. They even market their own range of energetic homeopathic medicine and can test the blood for effects of GS or ES. These effects include the pH being too acidic, electric polarisation instead of magnetic polarisation, lower oxygen, lower blood sugar levels and a disrupted hormone system. However, Mr. Hoogeveen found that when his clients installed a Geomack product, the blood returned to normal functioning levels. Their energy levels increased and sleep patterns improved considerably. Furthermore, this improved state of vitality and health continued to be sustained as long as the Geomack products remained in situ.

Case Study 5

Application: Home
Mayne Sundewall-Hopkins,
Looe, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Geomack unit came into our lives at the eleventh hour.

As soon as Mayne relocated to this country she felt uncomfortable in her new home and was plagued by a reoccurrence of old illnesses. Aching muscles, joint stiffness, digestive problems and allergies, all got worse. In hindsight, not surprisingly, her symptoms eased off every time she stayed away from her home. Mood swings and stress contributed to her misery and blood tests proved that she was in perfect health. Her doctor was left with no alternative but to diagnose a viral illness and possibly depression. Having been a therapist herself for over twenty years, she knew that health does not usually deteriorate in one day nor is it corrected in one day but following the installation of a Geomack unit, her less good days are getting fewer and further apart. Her husband’s health has improved, too, and she says even the dog is more lively.

Case Study 6

Application: House
Mrs Elaine Plant,
Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom

I am so grateful to you. If it was not for your research on our house, our circumstances and your recommending a Geomack unit, I believe that it would have eventually cost me my life without over enlarging things.

Mrs Plant’s family was being systematically drained of natural energy with serious consequences. Her son had signs of becoming diabetic and her daughter was suffering from ME type illnesses together with recurrent glandular fever. Mrs Plant refused to accept the doctor’s diagnosis that she had cancer and should have a full colostomy. Having been a very active and healthy family, Mrs Plant was completely at a loss as to understand why the family had so many problems. It was proved to Mrs Plant that stress caused by the presence of underground running water, underground electricity cables, overhead power cables and local transformers, had virtually destroyed her immune system and that of the family. After two months with the Geomack unit, all the family noticed a definite improvement in their health. Mr Plant was so impressed that he purchased a portable Geomack which he stands on his desk at work and finds that he no longer has any of the tiredness symptoms associated with his working environment.

Case Study 7

Application: Centre
Liz Morris,
Heavenly Bodies Therapy Clinic, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

The Geomack unit has changed my life completely. As far as I am concerned it is money well spent.

A course of anti-depressants left Liz feeling tired and sluggish, she simply could not get her old vigour back. Then a friend of hers told her to get in touch with Geomack. Her relationship had fallen apart and even her boyfriend blamed the house they lived in. After three months with the new Geomack unit, Liz says she feels like a new person and the house now has a lot of harmony and balance in it. If anything can make her feel as good as she does now, she says, then it certainly has to be a good investment.

Case Study 8

Application: Home
Yvonne and Henk,
The Netherlands

At the time we didn’t believe you but we gave you the benefit of the doubt and bought a Geomack unit. Now, six months later, we are very glad we did!

Sleeping problems, irritable children, tiredness and lack of concentration had worn Yvonne and Hank’s family down. Following extensive conversations with Geomack, the family agreed to let them come down and test the house. Electrosmog (Electro Stress), re-enforced concrete walls and geopathic radiation was diagnosed as the problem. Following the installation of an Geomack unit, the family says its overall quality of life has improved tremendously, the two daughters are concentrating better at school, they all sleep well and have no petty quarrels with each other anymore.

Case Study 9

Application: Home + Pets
Josette Sciberras, Malta

I just cannot express my appreciation for this wonderful energising Geomack. I hope you will publish my letter so that people will know what a health enhancing gadget it is.

Ever since Josette bought the Geomack products she says they have worked wonders. Benefits reported include less physical stress, better coping strategies for everyday life and fewer stress related problems. Her parents became calmer and more rational and the fits of depression disappeared. Even the dog is less aggressive and has become warm and loving. Since the installation of a home unit, Josette has purchased a portable unit for her job.

Case Study 10

Application: Centre
David Swindley,
Renowned Hypnotherapist and psycho-dynamic counsellor,
Bournemouth, Dorset, Untied Kingdom

I wouldn’t have believed the difference a small box could make to my life and that of my family. I wish you every success in bringing the benefits of your products to a wider audience.

All the usual benefits that have accrued from the installation of a Geomack unit in the home – fewer headaches, calmer children, and improved sleeping patterns – cannot compare to the amazing benefits Mr Swindley reports from the purchase of the portable Geomack unit. The unit now accompanies him everywhere – office, bedroom, driving, everywhere. Even on the days when he spends more than five hours at the computer he feels his eyes are less tired and his mind flows more freely.

Case Study 11

Application: Home + Pets
Ave, London, United Kingdom

I can recommend this system as helpful in every way in giving an air of tranquillity to a house, particularly one as busy as ours.

Temper tantrums are normal in children but they’ve usually grown out of them by the time they are approaching ten years old. Ave was amazed when, after the installation of a Geomack unit, her 8 year old daughter’s tantrums, which had become part of family life they felt they just had to cope with, suddenly stopped. The greatest surprise, however, was with regard to the dogs. Their constant barking ceased and such was the change that visitors to the house commented on it. Ave now has two portable units, too, and her husband’s secretary keeps one on her word processor which they find invaluable.

Case Study 12

Application: Flat
A. Smith,
West Hampstead, London, United Kingdom

Now I’ve got the Geomack installed in my flat I am definitely not going to move, which has saved me time, money and stress.

Mr Smith believes that the installation of a Geomack product in his flat and the purchase of a portable unit, has quite simply changed his life. Prior to a consultation, he had no idea that two electrical intake boxes just outside his flat and working around VDU and other computer equipment, could make him feel so ill. He was so desperate that he was on the point of moving flats but decided to give the Geomack a try, especially as they came with a money-back-guarantee. After only three days he started to feel better, sleeping well and with fewer headaches and less depression. He now carries his portable unit with him at all times, especially if he is working near electrical equipment.

Case Study 13

Application: Feng Shui
Carol Power,
Feng Shui Consultancy, Liverpool, United Kingdom

My life has turned round completely for the better, since I bought the Geomack and Feng Shui’d my home. Having lived with and without Geopathic Stress I know which I prefer. I have recommended Geomack to various clients and friends, who have all benefited from the Geomack range of products.

Twelve years ago, following a failed marriage, Carol moved into her present house. For years she was dogged by ill health and her relationship with her young son was poor. As she says, little did she know that she was, in fact, living in a ‘sick’ house. Following a degree and becoming a registered auricular acupuncturist, Carol still felt unwell and could not think why. She was, therefore, curious to know what her feng shui teacher would say about the house. The moment he walked through the door he told her that the house was built over an underground stream which was causing a great deal of Geopathic Stress. Ever since installing a Geomack she says the house feels lighter and there was a definite change in the overall atmosphere. Because she has lived so long in negative energy it took a couple of months for her to adjust to it being positive again, but since then she says she has not looked back.