Vitaliser Disc


The Vitalizer Disc can be used to enhance food and drinks, and can be used on the body to relieve pain.


The Vitalizer Disc can be used to enhance food and drinks, and can be used on the body to relieve pain.

Many people have been phoning in to talk about these exciting products:

  • Small child screaming out of control in a pusher – with mother’s permission I placed the disc on the child’s navel … within a minute, instant calm and might I add, shock on the mother’s face!
  • Placing on chakras to patch weak areas in the auric field – starting from the heart, then solar plexus, sacral, base, throat, third eye, and crown. Some people prefer it face on, others face away.
  • Food on disc is softened and lightened – wine and spirits are exceptional. Place sample on disc for 3 minutes and taste the difference between the unvibrated one and the vibrated sample.  The longer you leave it on the disc, the softer or mellower it seems to become.  A whole bottle of wine needs 7 minutes.
  • Vibrate your face treatments, creams, foundations and notice the amazing difference in the face within 3 to 4 weeks. Leave each pot of cream on overnight, then take it off and do another the next night.
  • One lady says that when placed over the head, face up, it creates a protective pyramid effect – saying that it seems to help the body cope with the harmful vibrations of environmental fields, foods etc. She says that it gives life energy to food and that the food feels like it has living energy.
  • A man with severe debilitating pain through his left side, places the disc face against the ball of his left foot, secured by a sock, and is now having full pain relief. (He has suffered these symptoms for years and has had his case researched by the best specialists with no answers).
  • A lady with pain in her left foot caused by a growth is having full pain relief whilst her foot is recovering.
  • For people with constant pain, eg hip, wear full time, face away. One lady says that she maintains a total pain free hip.  She said that when she had a leg pain that she secured it with tape with the same good result.
  • Many say that face on for a few minutes, and then face away has a better result for them.


Please experiment and keep the feedback coming in.  I appreciate your comments as they help so many others.