‘Don Morrison is a Master Practitioner of Natural and Environmental Health…’

Don Morrison is a Master Practitioner of Natural and Environmental Health. He thinks outside the square. He is an intuitive problem solver and innovator who specialises in radiation detection through dowsing, and he is the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for Geomack. Over the years I have presented Don with a multitude of problems, and many challenges to do with radiation and health issues. As a Counselor I refer clients to Don when their needs are far reaching, beyond the scope of counselling. Don is able to identify the causal issue every time, and so is an amazingly multi-talented, wellbeing practitioner. Don makes vibrational remedies, does balancing and healing sessions, and his eclectic range of treatment options ensures that the appropriate treatment is delivered to correct whatever imbalance is presenting. He is an inventor, meta-physician, natural therapist, body worker, spiritual healer and a fantastic person.

I highly recommend Don Morrison to anyone who wants to go straight to the cause and efficiently and inexpensively re align themselves for health and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,
Counselor in Private Practice,
Qld. 2nd February 2017.